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Director    Martin Danziger
Designer    Sarah Helyar
Company    Theatre Modo
Cast 1 male / 8 female

A devised piece bringing together visual imagery with new and found texts. The piece was commissioned and premiered at the Grenoble Festival before touring.


The crowd assembled at Espace 600 for a piece of astonishing quality which veritably astounded the audience, going as far as to draw tears of emotion. A piece which dealt with tragedy, sorrow and absurdity. In Catanasia the actors did not hesitate to use organic matter to feed their reflection on exoticism and all manner of contemporary dreams; onions cut into slices, flowers decapitated, milk died blood red, their intoxicating theatre woven between Shakespeare and Becket was not afraid of making a work of destruction when it was a question of pointing the finger at the absurdity of existence. Yet they never forgot the poetry, with songs and sudden moments of gentleness. A heartrending spectacle which left the audience touched and stunned by its powerful vision... and drew tears    
        Le Dauphine